Tqwiggy 2
Twiggy in 2008

Birth Name:


Date of Birth:






First Appearance:

Bills, Bills, Bills

Last Appearance:

The New Sofa

Portrayed By:

Geoffrey Hughes

Twiggy is the best mate of Jim and Dave.

Twiggy is Jim and Dave's mate who is known for selling knock-off gear as in Bills Bills Bills, Twiggy comes round with some jeans to sell to the Royles. Twiggy is usually down the Feathers with Jim and Dave.

Twiggy is usually spoken about behind his back by Jim as in Sunday Lunch, after Twiggy leaves, Jim calls him a 'dirty, scrounging git' even though Jim asked him to come round.

Twiggy holds quite a close relationship with Norma as he is always complimenting her and comforting when he sees her. In Wedding Day, Twiggy tells Norma that he think she will be snapped up at the wedding and that she is looking gorgeous as ever.

Twiggy's last appearance was in the 2008 Christmas special The New Sofa where Dave 'invites' him for Christmas dinner round the Best household.

In 2012, Geoffrey Hughes, who portrayed Twiggy, sadly passed away and at the end of 2012 Christmas special Barbara's old ring, there is a short tribute to Geoffrey.