Joe's Crackers

(2010 Christmas Special)

"Don't sit me there with me back to the tele"


25th December 2010

Written By:

Caroline Aherne, Craig Cash, Phil Mealey

Guest Starring:

Joanne Froggatt

Another Christmas at the Royles sees Jim incapacitated after an accident at the supermarket and needing to be carried to his chair. Mary has died so Joe and Cheryl bring her ashes in to the house in an urn which is placed next to Nanna's (but unfortunately end up in Barbara's Hoover.) After singing' Bat Out of Hell' Joe recalls a bizarre naked wrestling match with Bobby Carter whilst Cheryl tells of a romantic encounter in the supermarket car park. Antony is now a successful businessman, whose presents put the Bests' gift to the Royles, a fridge magnet, to shame. He has a new girlfriend,heavily pregnant nurse Saskia, so heavily pregnant in fact that history repeats itself as it did with Denise all those years earlier.