David Senior
David Senior in 2008

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First Appearance:

The New Sofa

Last Appearance:

The New Sofa

Portrayed By:

Sir Tom Courtenay

David Senior is the father of Dave, father-in-law of Denise, grandfather of David Keanu Ronan Best and Norma Orchid Delulah Porcha Best and the husband of Jocelyn.

David Senior is a cheerful and positive character who appears in the 2008 Christmas Special The New Sofa. Despite having many mentions by Jim about paying for Dave and Denise's wedding, he only appears in The New Sofa.

David Senior is liked by everyone but Jim. Jim shows his dislike of him by calling him a nobhead while he changes the seating plan. He also, after David Senior greets him, he changes his thumb up to his two fingers. David Senior also annoys Jim with his Leather Driving gloves and especially his Rhubarb wine, which apparently gives Jim the runs.