Beverley Macker
Another woman
"She's alright Beverley, she's a tasty little piece"

Birth Name:

Beverley Macker

Date of Birth:



18 in Episode 1



First Appearance:

Mentioned On Several Occaisons

Last Appearance:


Beverley Macker is the popular woman down the Feathers who is always spoken about by Jim, Twiggy, Dave and Antony and the rival of Denise. Beverley is often mentioned but never actually makes an appearance.

In Episode 1 she is mentioned to be eighteen and has two kids with unknown fathers. It is implied that she sleeps around when the Royle's joke about how she is promiscuous, especially about how the father could be anyone in the Feathers or in trousers. In episode 2 when Antony was in a fight and Dave asked how he got it Denise answered "He's been fighting. I don't know why people fight, its only boys." Dave replied "What about the time you smacked Beverly Macker?" Denise replied "well the cow was asking for it."

In Episode 3, it is mentioned that she and Dave went out just once. While "shit stirring", Antony jokes that one of her kids i starting to look like Dave.

In 'Another Woman ', Barbara and Jim are upstairs getting ready for bed before Dave and Denise start arguing because Dave was apparently 'flirting with Beverley Macca'. In the same episode Beverley is referred to as a fly around shit, with Dave being the shit, but Beverley is too fat to be the fly.